The New Silk Road between business and new opportunities for SME (small and medium enterprises) in the shadow of the Tourism Industry 4.0

Settore turistico scelto e motivazione della scelta:

The project consists of a combination of travel agency, native speakers and trainers for small and medium enterprises. Organization of places of cultural interest, business visits to the ports of commercial interest, traditional Italian cultural shows, cultural exchange and training of companies operating in the hospitality sector. The choice is based on an in-depth analysis of the potential of “Chinese tourists in Italy” in small groups (of 30/40 people) in frequent rotation.


Tourism 4.0 consists of a series of data collection oriented to the trends of tourists, it leverages 4. Industrial Revolution technologies, such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, data analysis and cloud computing, to enable travel experiences more efficient, safer, greener and less hassle while optimizing journey times, and minimizing costs for travelers. SME must adopt a new approach to the Chinese tourists. Behavior analysis is destined to improve in a deep learning machine process that generates a series of data aimed at forecasting through the analysis of behavior trends.

Descrizione dell’idea-progetto:

The project consists of the combined use of travel agencies, native-speaking guides, small and medium-sized tourism businesses and trainers aimed at a detailed communication of the ideal offer and welcome to Chinese tourists. The technology used involves an application that collects the requests of the Chinese and organizes thematic tours (preferably business) with visits and stays in companies already trained to welcome the Chinese tourist that will be served and followed with the care they need. Companies will only have to welcome operators who join a network of specific and detailed skills, and the application and the operators will have the aim of making the Chinese fall in love with Italianness and the capacity to welcome them. The technology used concerns the analysis by means of statistical tools and the preliminary ones of the deep machine learning programs. The analysis of big data will be crucial to propose an offer targeted on the expectations of Chinese tourists. Furthermore, the investments come from the European Union with regard to training calls and new businesses, they will also be financed by small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the investment process of corporate culture aimed at Chinese tourists. The forecasting will be more detailed and targeted, allowing small and medium-sized companies to organize supplies by breaking down the MUDAs and improving the mark up.

Fattibilità e/o innovazione dell’idea-progetto:

The prediction of success is very high, the risk is minimal since it is based on the ability to transmit interest to small and medium-sized enterprises. Attracting interested tour operators and involving Chinese operators who will be able to offer a targeted and detailed program, the costs will be accessible and the possibility of creating a network of Chinese entrepreneurs (commercial interest) who can become part of a network of contacts in Italy cooperating with small and medium-sized Italian companies operating in the area (producers, hotel owners, bathrooms, shelters, museums, traditional shows, services). Innovation concerns the quality of communication, the cooperation relationship between Italy and China, the invitation to Chinese tourist operators to prefer Italian destinations and to encourage cooperation with Italy to distribute products from China to Europe. Italy is the ideal partner for ports engaged in silk transform the today tourist industry into a value-based economy through innovation, knowledge, technology and creativity.

Progetto di Teresita Tolin